The sea Table

Welcome to The Sea Table, come on in, take a seat! The idea for TST came about when I realised  a name that just talked about food (or surfing, or marine science, or fitness) wasn't going to cover it all. I loath the idea of a "lifestyle" website as the last thing I want to be doing is telling people how they "should" live their lives. But I love the idea of the simple table.

My entire life this is where I've learned to cook and bake with my family, studied for school and college, created with arts and crafts or laughed and cried over tea during all of life's ups and downs. As a marine scientist, a surfer and a chef who lives a stones throw from the beach the sea permeates through every piece of my life and so it will also with this site.

So dip your toe in, here you'll find simple, healthy and affordable recipes - gluten free as I'm a coeliac myself and passionate about making good food that won't break the bank. From the environmental perspective I'm keen to find ways to cook, travel and just generally live a more sustainable life - so look out for lots of tips, tricks and handy resources. Finally I'm a huge believer that your mental and physical health are completely connected so I'll also be chatting lots about my fitness and outdoor adventures too!

I absolutely love seeing when you guys make recipes from the site or my book Finn's World so please do tag me or use the hashtags #theseatable or #finnsworld so I can check them out!

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