Photo : Jem Rigby

Photo : Jem Rigby



"Do What You Love. Love What You Eat."

About Me

I'm a marine scientist, an author and a private chef. I live, surf, work and play in the little seaside town of Bundoran on the wild west coast of Ireland.  The sea permeates through every piece of my life and so it will also with this site. I love travel, tasting new tastes and living vicariously through other pet owners as I've yet to get a dog of my own.

My Food Philosophy

I truly believe that nutritious food can be delicious, affordable and fun! I'm gluten free as I'm a coeliac myself and passionate about making good food that won't break the bank (as I created many of the recipes for my cookbook while still a broke student). I love wild food - harvesting seaweed, foraging for wild mint and garlic and am trying to get better at catching my own fish too! 

The Sea & Ocean Conservation

Though I primarily work in food these days,  I have a MSc in Marine Biology and a BSc in Earth & Ocean Science and I specialised in these lovely little fellas called Cold Water Corals, they live in the deep sea, look them up they're super cool. I up-skilled last year to become an MMO (marine mammal observer) as I love the mitigation and conservation element of this work. On a more daily basis, this year I became a Clean Coast Ambassador and am really passionate about cleaning up our beaches - preserving the natural beauty of our coastline while actively removing plastics that would go back into the ocean. 

Sustainability & Healthy Living

From the environmental perspective I'm keen to find ways to cook, travel and just generally live a more sustainable life - reducing plastic consumption, consuming less and moving away from things like fast fashion or single use plastics. From a health perspective I'm striving to eliminate as much plastic and chemical items and products from my life and I'm so excited to share that natural products I find as well as well as sharing ways of making your own (and way better!) versions of things like cosmetics and household items. Finally I'm a huge believer that your mental and physical health are completely connected so I'll also be chatting lots about my fitness and outdoor adventures too!