Saltwater Stories & Goodbye to Fins Fit Food

Hello folks and welcome! You might be a new lovely human or one of the wonderful people who’ve been with me since the start of If you’re new and want to know who I am/a bit about my work and book, go check out the About section to find out how a diehard marine biologist turned into a chef,baker and cookbook writer! 

So so so! I wanted to do a piece to explain the new site, name and layout and some of the plans I have in store for the coming year! 

I loved having fins fit food - fins like fins on a surfboard, fit because in the beginning I talked about being a gym bunny all the time and food of course because it is one of my biggest passions in life and also what I do for a living. 

But as the years went on I felt like the name didn’t cover enough - I wanted to talk about wellness in times of my own health problems, or marine research when I was away at sea or - as my realisation of the levels of plastic swapping our beautiful planet - the name didnt encompass my passion for environmental conservation or sustainable travel! 

Whats in a Name


So I am so so happy to introduce you to Saltwater Stories - while I’m a little nervous to put myself completely out there and make a change this name is me in a nutshell. Its my love of the ocean, food, surfing and conservation. Its that exhilarating first jump in the warm water when I’m visiting a new country or the walk by the sea that make me feel better on a tough day. Its the super simple beginnings of so many delicious dishes (hands up pasta lovers out there!). I’m also using Squarespace now so the site is easier to navigate (and pretties to look at) and also so its easier for me to bring you tasty tidbits on a more consistent basis.

Whats in the site

thumb_IMG_5202_1024 2.jpg

I was loath for so long to call this a lifestyle website - I think the connotations sometimes associated with a “lifestyle” site can be - someone selling you things you don’t really need dressed up in an unattainable (and curated) life that will make you feel like your own reality is lacking. This is the opposite of what I want. I’m not perfect, but I am passionate and there are many things that I have been try to crack these last few years that I truly believe are leading me to a level of contentment and health that isn't reliant on  external sources like social media gratification or the next big health gadget that we “just have to have”. So on and across my social media (links in the navigation bar above) I will be sharing my simple recipes for a happy life from many different aspects of my own life - creating flexible and fulfilling work, sustainable travel, ocean based adventures, healthy and happy food & fitness and just a few random bits and bobs in-between. Oh an the occasional cute dog photo on Instagram, because that always brightens up the day.

So stay tuned for lots of delicious and fun recipes, my favourite travel and sustainability hacks, lots of fun collaborations and much much more!