Sustainable Home - Simple Swaps to Green Up Your Gaff

Hi guys, a quick little blog this week as I’m down in the very beautiful Ballyconneely doing yoga retreats with the wonderful ladies from Yogamara Escapes (to find out more about their uh-mazing retreats check out their site here, think  warm welcome, fabulous restorative yoga, gorgeous luxurious accommodation, stunning views and food by moi). 

But I wanted to do a quick bit on some handy ways to make your home that little bit greener. Hopefully when we get the chance between busy schedules myself and Lilly’s Eco Clean will also do a more in depth piece on this, but I just wanted to share this now as I’d picked up a few bits in the Aloe Tree in Ennistymon (a great place to go also for plastic-free bulk items). 


Recycled plastic sponges (by EcoForce) - the greatest way to ensure that all our plastics and crap that we send off for recycling actually gets used is to create demand for recycled products. Voting with your money as it were. Sponges are and easy way to do this and to give them just a little more life as well you can put them through the wash once or twice to extend their life and then one more time before you recycle them again. 


Dish Soap - I love this one by Lilly’s and they also do refills, a great way to have not only a natural product safe to be putting down the drain, but also to reduce plastic consumption. 

Dish Brush (by Memo Clean) - here’s were I think its a no brainer on the “will I buy the eco or the normal one” not only is it the same price as a plastic one, it looks better, its fancier and there’s no plastic. You can also replace the brush heads!



Toothbrush  - I love the one I got from Sweet Beats in Sligo, hilariously I was getting all upetty and angry thinking I’d been duped by the brown box when there was plastic inside and then reading the label learned that it was made of cornstarch. Amazing! If we can make cornstarch packaging that works instead of plastic that is such an amazing jump in the direction of being plastic free. I cant remember the name at the minute, but basically a bamboo toothbrush is a great alternative to plastic ones, the bristles are still made of nylon and can be pulled out and recycled or you can use your old (but clean!) toothbrushes for things like - an eyebrow brush, a cleaning brush or for polishing shoes. 

Shampoo Bar - I’ve been on a mission to find the best one lately, so will keep you updated on this new one I’m trying, so far I’ve heard good things!



Soap Bar - I actually started buying these gorgeous lemon scented handwash bars when I was living in Spain years ago, I love the smell, they come in cardboard and I found that since the weather was good it was handier (and saved more water) for me to wash clothes by hand. Since I amn’t living in Mediterrian climate perfection at the moment I’m now going to investigate grating this soap bar and adding baking soda as aparently this can be used for machines. If anyone knows about this please send me a DM on instagram! I’m also going to try my friend’s trick of adding spirit vinegar to bleach whites and soften clothes naturally (and no his clothes didnt smell). 


Guys these are just a few simple swaps I’m trying or planning to try and I’d LOVE to hear what you guys are up to. I’ve received so many wonderful messages from people lately and its been so amazing to strike up these wonderful conversations about just trying to be more sound to the environment and looking after our bodies a little better in the process. Thanks to one girls mail I’ve now started making my own deodorant to my arsenal of homemade skincare and I am delighted to say that it smells and feels AMAZING and also doesnt sting if you put it on after shazing, huzzah! 



Finn Ni Fhaolain